Co-op Advertising Opportunity–Are You In?

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A fantastic idea has been brought to the guild by a fellow framer. We are putting out feelers to see if you are interested in joining in and if so will provide you with more information as it is available.  This is not an official guild project, but we are happy to bring our interested members together through the guild’s communication tools.

Here is the gist: in the past decade the number of frame shops has fallen 70% but have you seen any increase in traffic through your door? Sadly no - just the opposite--we have lost that market share primarily to the big boxes; to their "perceived value", and to the subsequent fear, "wow! if Michael's is that expensive, imagine how much it would cost to go to a real framer".

There is a gigantic portion of our population who has never heard of us as independents. We want to change that. We all know Michael's, etc, has their huge inserts in the major newspapers -- an advertising campaign we as individuals cannot afford to do. The idea is to gather as many framers as possible to go in on a 2 sided 4 color insert.

Our new vice-president, Jennifer Patterson, has been a part of an initial meeting with an advertiser and will be able to share a first draft to those who are interested in joining in.   Her take is:  We want to advertise that we use no games, no gimmicks, just fair everyday pricing. NO DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING -. If a price is always 50% off - it is not a special sale - it is simply an everyday price. Our everday prices are better than theirs at 50% off. We want to encourage new customers to come in to see this for themselves - "come in for your Ah Ha Moment" .  Once a customer finds us after a bad box store experience they never go back!

What the box stores do not have is the vast experience and knowledge in framing that we have. So let’s go get 'em by putting our own ad in the Seattle Times Sunday paper. With enough people we can get this ad to an affordable level. Jennifer is also talking with suppliers and vendors, asking them to show their support and to help you offset your cost.  We all have a vested interest in making this work.

The initial plan is to open a trust account so everyone has a place to send money, and this account can write the check to the Times. The amount will depend on the number involved. Those who participate will have their name and address mentioned, a 20% coupon will be part of the ad, and we are thinking of creating a name for us like the "Fair Priced Framers". Maybe we can have a sticker on our door with this title. The ad can say that this coupon is good at any of these locations. We can also create a You Tube video interview on the subject and direct readers to hear more by following that link...... Again this is just an initial conversation, and your ideas can be part of this too.

This is something we would want to do more than once, to really get our message out there. To get more bang for your buck - the copy of this ad can be put on your Facebook, websites, counters, walls, mail...... given to friends, your kids’ teachers, workout buddies, spouses, colleagues, bowling or soccer teammates, choir members, business group members—you get the idea.

Are you in?  Click here for more information on how to join us.

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