Update on Co-op Advertising

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A fantastic idea has been brought to the guild by a fellow framer.  This is not an official guild project, but we are happy to bring our interested members together through the guild’s communication tools.

This post is an update of last month's article posted here

Well it took much longer than promised to get our mock up done by The Times, and sadly the small group that took a peek agreed that it is not what we are looking for.  So to keep things positive I can report that 3 people have stepped up to the plate to help do a new version.  What better people to do this than our own.  I have a photographer, web developer, and creative writer who will brainstorm and work together with me - another body or two would be great so if you'd like to get involved and get your ideas heard -  please give me call.

 JenniferJPatterson1@yahoo.com  206-715-2134.

I know this is taking longer than anticipated, but with this delay, I now see us getting this thing printed at summers end - right as we are amping up for our busy season - when viewership will be higher once summer travels are over.

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