Co-op Advertising Update

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A fantastic idea has been brought to the guild by a fellow framer.  This is not an official guild project, but we are happy to bring our interested members together through the guild’s communication tools.

Here’s a further update on the Co-op Advertising Opportunity.  You  can see prior articles here and here and the original article here.  Right now we have 18 framers, 2 service related participants, and 13 sponsor shares involved in the project. The sponsors won’t be listed in the ad, but they are putting money behind this to support independent framers. The  total per participant currently is about $140 for each time the ad is run. Payment is up front 2 weeks prior to running.

We are still open and interested in bringing in more participants. If you have fellow framers or suppliers that you think might want to participate,  please contact them or ask Jennifer to do so. The more people involved the lower your price.


Most members agree that a minimum of 4 - 6 runs will be required to get the most exposure with this ad. After a rest we can run again if we are interested. Originally we can run consecutive weeks, or every other week. The group as a whole will need to agree on the first set of runs as the ad price will depend on this. Meaning we all have to agree to say, 4 runs at this price, then if people decide to jump in or out, the ad will need to be re-created and a new price will result.

As a reminder, you will receive for your money, in addition to exposure to thousands reading the Sunday Times, additional loose copies to hand out or use as you wish, and also a digital file of the ad to use as your own email campaign, website and/or Facebook ad.  So this investment can get a LOT of additional mileage.


In regards to the above files for the ad, looking at them with 2 other framers, the following were our snap judgements or criticisms. If you want to share thoughts or ideas we will welcome them.  You can put them in as comments on this article or send them to Jennifer at Jayeness.

Here’s what we saw initially:

-It's negative, rather than playing up what we CAN do, it's negative about our competition.

-The colors are garish - the frame in the upper-right is not a custom frame - being a closed corner metal leafed old fashioned style like you'd find in a mass-produced ready-made. Gold frames in general are out of date

-the girl holding the frame in too young to be perceived as a professional framer and the frame she is holding is boring.

-The guy at the desk is showing black samples and white mats. Boring and un-creative - what all we framers strive not to be.

-The frame bordering the top of the page showing the man is again old fashioned and tired.

Now on to good news. Assuming all agree we need a second draft, a participating member who once worked in advertising has stepped up and offered his services free of charge in creating a second draft. He has worked on both regional and national advertising campaigns.

We want to be able to include photos of great frame jobs—the type of job we want to advertise. We have a professional photographer who has volunteered to take pictures of these for us. Please give Jennifer a call if you have a frame job to suggest as a model for the ad.

Here’s the contact information if you’re interested in the project, have questions or feedback to give:

Jennifer Patterson


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