Co-op Advertising Update

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A fantastic idea has been brought to the guild by a fellow framer.  This is not an official guild project, but we are happy to bring our interested members together through the guild’s communication tools.

Here’s a further update on the Co-op Advertising Opportunity.  You  can see prior articles here, here and here and the original article here.

Our group advertisement finally came to fruition, and has now run twice with great success. Once we found professional quality photographs to use, the new mock up was taken to framers for approval. A wonderful collaboration took place with many framers joining in brainstorming sessions to re-write the copy so that it read true to us. According to Advertising 101, the average person needs to see or hear something 6 times before it becomes part of their collective psyche. This is why when a new product gets launched - we see or hear its commercial repeatedly in the first few days of its launch. In keeping with this thought, we to hope to run this ad at least 4 more times. Many have said if this rate of success continues, it would be nice to occasionally run this ad throughout the year. The general consensus is to keep the overall look of this ad the same for consistency and recognition, but it would be nice to include new photos of favorite framing jobs done by the participants.

Substantial sponsorship made this ad possible. A huge thank you to Framer's Inventory and Jayeness Moulding for their considerable contribution. Also a special thank you Designer Moulding, National Glass, Omega Moulding, ProLam, and Universal Arquati for their contribution in making this venture possible. In order to give others a chance to shine, I hope/ need to get additional and alternative sponsorship for future runs.

If you'd like to hear more of this process, wish to participate either as an advertiser or sponsor, please contact Jennifer Patterson. (206) 715-2134. The price of the ad is based on the number of zip codes receiving the newspaper.

I also wish to recognize The Seattle Times for their large part in the creation of this ad. They went above and beyond the call of duty in creating the first draft from scratch both in its copy and design. This is not something they normally do - most advertisers are large corporations with their own art department. But as The Seattle Times is also a family owned local business, they wanted to help support small business owners. The Seattle Times is now in their 117th year, employing 4th and 5th generation family members, and said this was an exciting project to be a part of as they have never seen this type of collaborative advertising effort done before. So hooray for us for doing something groundbreaking and which really seems to be paying off.


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  1. Profile photo of AnnalunaAnnaluna says:

    REALLY nicely executed! This is a beautiful ad, and the wording so eloquently states the message. I hope it has great success

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