Blog is Not a Dirty Word

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There is a scrap cabinet in every frame shop I know. Why? Because leftovers are often gems and full of profitable inspiration. In the same way small bits of knowledge I have gleaned from being a past framer/shop owner and by being part of the EPFG or small facts I come upon are often valuable to share. Here's something I've learned:

Blogs are not scary or strange. They are like Facebook pages with more capability for sharing information. They're like websites that are accessible for comments and much more dynamic and fun.

I have been blogging as a writer and artist for over a year. What does that have to do with your framing business? I have over 100 followers and, more importantly, I've met and talked with many people who are interested in what I do and what I'm interested in. We share ideas. Learn from each other. Encourage each other.

I have also been publishing on this blog for about a year. That's right. You're reading a blog right now. Not so bad, huh? But there hasn't been much interaction here. It's a great resource that you're missing.

I'm encouraging you not to be scared to sign up and sign in. You won't be spammed.  You will get replies to your comments. You will probably learn stuff, be encouraged, and even have fun!

Sign up, Sign in and Join the Conversation!

-Sheri J. Kennedy, Editor

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2 Responses to Blog is Not a Dirty Word

  1. Profile photo of MollyMolly says:

    Great advice Sheri! We have to keep trying, even when it’s out of our comfort zone…eventually it will be part of our comfort zone. Thanks for the words of wisdom!

  2. Profile photo of SheriSheri says:

    Thanks, Molly! I’m basically an old dog, but I found blogging wasn’t such a new trick. It’s really similar to emailing and posting on Facebook and has been even more rewarding and fun. Worth the effort to check it out, for sure.

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