Co-op Ad Update – Round 2

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A fantastic idea has been brought to the guild by a fellow framer.  This is not an official guild project, but we are happy to bring our interested members together through the guild’s communication tools.

Here’s a further update on the Co-op Advertising Opportunity.  You  can see prior articles here, here, here and here and the original article here.

We are gearing up for our second run of the framer's Group Advertisement in the Seattle Times, with a few new participants and a new sponsor. We need to wean ourselves off the reliance on sponsors (or I need help in getting them!).  So we have decided that with a minor edit to our back page layout, we can list 24 business names rather than 19. Many framers commented that with this smaller collection of names, we look like an exclusive special group.

Fransicso Smith of The Framery, who has also worked in the printing industry, reminded me that a basic rule of advertising is that the average person needs to see or hear something 6 times before it sinks in and becomes part of their collective psyche, so he committed right away to another run. His enthusiasm is really special and appreciated. He told me, "they might not use me next week, or next month, but now they now I'm here!"

Another framer wished me luck on my venture. I want to correct that thought -- this is not my venture.  It is an idea and call to action by a framer for all framers. I just happen to be the voice for this group. This is for you, so please call me and get involved. Jennifer Patterson 206-715-2145

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