President’s Corner

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We bared our souls to one another. We laid it all down on the table during our last meeting. Sheri, Jennifer, Stacia, Molly, and I were there.

If you’ve never met us, I’ll sum up who we are. We are the foolish kids who inherited the 40 year old EPFG. We are the ones who did not turn our backs on her. We are the framers who will march forward and continue the tradition of educating framers. We made small strides, we are growing up, we are maturing, we are changing, but we are by no means dying. Many have given up on us but we have not given up on you. 



I have outlined our mission for the board this year.

  • We are bringing back the Education Festival.
  • We will have other educational events besides the festival.
  • We will bring reputable instructors to teach these classes.
  • We will bring back framing competitions along with a possible Frame Shop of the Year Award and Framer of the Year Award.
  • I will personally be visiting frame shops everywhere for the purposes of recruiting and surveying. 
For your convenience we've added a calendar page and a list of events to our new site. A link to the calendar page can be found up above in the Activity menu. No events have been posted at this time but they will be added to this page in time.

I am Rami Alhakeem and I am honored to be the 2013-2014 EPFG president.

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3 Responses to President’s Corner

  1. Profile photo of DanielDaniel says:

    Go Rami! If anyone can do it, you five can (+Sheri, Jennifer, Stacia, Molly). Thanks for your hard work on behalf of us who can’t/won’t.

  2. Profile photo of MollyMolly says:

    Inspirational! Rami you make me proud!

  3. Profile photo of AnnalunaAnnaluna says:

    You are such a superhero, Rami! You continue to amaze me with your dedication, passion and innovation. Thank you to everyone who continues to move with the times. I’ll help as I am able.

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