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There's still time to join our 2013-14 year.  Renew by April 30th.

Our board is established with officers who have some experience under their belts now. This year's board is fired up to organize, create and revive our educational and networking programming.

It was evident by participation that the traditions of the guild needed to evolve and include more social media options, but the internet will never replace the benefits of getting together and sharing experiences and knowledge. The bonds that are created by events--actually getting to know other framers, gallery owners, and people in your own profession--are valuable gems.

The guild is about education, but it is also about inspiration. There is a spark created by learning in classes together, socializing together, and sharing one on one. Framing contests inspire through challenge and camaraderie  and they set the creative ideas alight with new techniques or old ones applied in new ways displayed for all to enjoy.

This year the guild will reignite that spark. And it's available at the reduced rate that was offered last year, ONLY $40 for the year!

Renew your membership NOW BY CLICKING HERE and get caught up in the forward momentum! 

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