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As a sales rep and a true custom framer at heart, I enjoy seeing the creative designs and problem solving exhibited by you. I wanted to post a "brag column" allowing framers to show off proud accomplishments. A focus of this guild is education, and through the photos posted monthly in this feature, I wish to get our creative juices flowing and hopefully teach an old dog a new trick or even a new pup and old trick every now and then. I promise to always have a camera with me, plus invite you to email your own photos to me at

Anna Johnson, owner of the Tacoma Framemakers, created this beautiful design that’s unique in its stacking. The cap frame is smaller than the liner frame.  It is much more common to see the opposite.  This combination is the perfect compliment and extension of the batik it's framing.
















Rami Alhakeem of Tacoma Framemakers pokes a brad through the mat where he is going to mount an award medal using E6000.  This gives him much stronger adherence, plus there is no worry of the surface paper of the mat peeling away causing the object to fall.




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