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There is a scrap cabinet in every frame shop I know. Why? Because leftovers are often gems and full of profitable inspiration. Here's something I've learned:

It's age old advice, but it can't be said enough. Take some time out for you.


If there's one thing I learned being a business owner and picture framer it's obsession and the subsequent burnout. I also learned a major trick around it. Artist dates!

Whether you're a framer or a financial principle in your business, your role is creative. Business takes personal energy at every level, and if you're not feeling good, your business will show the suffering.

So, get out your calendar. Yes, right now. You have time to read this, you have time to do this. Quick, I promise.

Pick a date this month. Easy, right?

Think of something you and only you would like to do that day.

Write it on the day.

Do it!

Now, close your calendar and open some notes you can brainstorm on. Quick, remember?

Write down 10 things you'd like to do that you haven't got around to. Not cleaning the garage, unless that makes you go, 'Ahhhhhh....'. Fun things...relaxing things. If you can't think of 10, go back to your calendar now and write down a date this week to spend an hour remembering things you enjoy and write at least 10 down at that time.

Next, immediately open your calendar and assign one to a day on each month. Doesn't matter if it will work out or if other people have it free, just put it there.

Now when you have time--maybe now, maybe at your next break or after work tonight--take a look at the one for this month. Make the calls to clear the time, or clear it for another day and write that down right away. Keep that date.

When you review your calendar heading into next month, stop and clear the time you assigned for your next Artist date or reassign it right away. Keep that date.

Have some fun! Let you be you! The time you spend will be more than made up at the shop or office, and everything you do will be a little finer.

-Sheri J. Kennedy, Editor


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