May President’s Corner

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prezI’m Rami Alhakeem and this is another President’s Corner.

The life of a framer is a stressful one. I don't think many people know the pressures we go through. The deadlines we have to meet. The range of people we haveto deal with. The crazy unrealistic expectations they have for us.

Somebody walked into the shop and made fun of one of my client’s art. He asked me how do I feel about framing other people’s awful art. Ouch, that hurt. It cut right into me. It was as if to say there is no dignity in what I do. I'm not going to tell you how I responded. I'll save that story for a Jagged Corner comic.

I wanted to be a framer because I wanted to be an artist. I was selfish when I started framing. Artist are inherently selfish. Artist scumm.... It’s a love hate relationship.

When I’m framing I don't consider myself to be an artist. I'm a magician and I put a spell on you. I make you fall in love. Then I break your heart with the price, but then you pay it anyway because who can refuse love? I think it’s a fair trade.

I look inside you and I see what you want. I am merciful, I am giving, and I grant what your heart desires.

Artist are a dime a duzin. We pimp frames, that’s how we roll. Walk away into the sunset proud. Spread the love.


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