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Maxim Wood Glue – Blue Label



Maxim wood glue - blue label, is a water based PVA-type glue that is initially white but dries clear.  It has a one-minute set time, takes 15 minutes to strong bond and 24 hours for that permanence we’re all looking for. It doesn't leave a thick glue line and is also stainable.  It’s great for very small mouldings, fillets, and things that need to be glued fast.  As far as price, it is comparable to Cornerweld.




Maxim wood glue also comes with a red label that has a slower set time (5 minutes) but same terrific bond strength.  I read a post in “The Grumble” that it was discontinued but I know we at the Frame Makers have recently ordered it from a local supplier, so check your catalogs.


In terms of performance, Maxim Blue is excellent!  I’ve had particularly great results when joining fillets, which as we all know can be difficult. Yet it has also worked great with ANY size frame. I have been easily able to turn or pick up the fillet/frame after only a minute (although I feel more comfortable waiting two minutes) before I start working with it. With Cornerweld I have not been able to accomplish anything that quickly.  I love the fact that it dries clear as I’m fairly generous with my glue.  My only advice is if you’re having a busy day up at the counter, put off using it as this glue sets so quickly, it seals off the wood.   The red label Maxim glue would be a much better choice on those crazy days!

I highly recommend Maxim Wood Glue – blue label as do many other picture framers.  Cabinet makers recommend it as well!

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