Meet Our New Treasurer, Kim Rene-Weiser

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Hi!  My name is Kim Rene-Weiser and I am the new Treasurer for our EPFG and I’m really excited to be part of such a blossoming organization!  I thought I should take a few minutes and introduce myself to you all since I am new to the guild.Kim Rene-Weiser

I grew up in a frame shop that my parents owned back in the 80’s called the Frame Up on South Hill in Puyallup, WA.  I started framing at age 14, but became an “official framer” at 16.  I loved my position and continued to work for The Frame Up after my parents sold it to a great new owner for another 10 years.  I have since framed off and on for another 15 years or so.  I took breaks from framing in my life to work as a legal secretary, orthotics technician, and speech language pathologist assistant, only to come full circle back to framing! My past framing positions include working for Artco and managing the frame shop inside So Many Crafts.  I also took breaks from framing to earn an associate’s degree and two bachelor’s degrees in totally different fields…..I am addicted to school!

My immediate desires are to take some framing classes to hone my skills and to become a certified picture framer through the PPFA, as well as improve my design skills by stepping out of the box.  I have the best mentors possible here at the Frame Makers that’s for sure!  I am married, have five kiddos and our first grandbaby on the way.  My immediate personal desire is to hike the Pacific Crest Trail with my middle daughter next summer……

I look forward to meeting everyone at our upcoming events and here on the EPFG newsletter blog!

Editor's Note: Be sure to check out Kim's new Monthly Product Review Column!

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