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Rami Alhakeem

Hello, fellow evergreen picture framers. I know it’s been awhile since our last president’s corner. I've been kind of sick lately, and haven't been feeling very well. I guess, I've caught some sort of bug. But deep inside, my soul has been feeling bad too.

I had high aspirations for my presidential position. I wanted to bring us back together as a community of framers by hosting another meeting. Unfortunately I haven't been able kick start anything. Every date and place we planned conflicted with too many peoples schedules. The people on the board of the EPFG are made up of all volunteers with a common interest to promote education in framing. We intend to do this any way we can within our means. We used to provide education by hosting meetings for members to attend. Though, many people want to join our group, many cannot commit to attending our meetings. It has become more clear to me that times are changing and our expectations have to be different.

Despite this there is an inherent  value to meeting in person. I am currently seeking a frame shop or gallery in the Seattle area to host a small scale meeting in March. Nothing big and fancy with bells and whistles... We just need a warm, dry place to get members together to vote on officers and do some sharing and networking. If you are in the Seattle area and are able to help, please email us at

So as I said, we want to continue promoting framing education. We mostly do this by contributions to our blog. Our contributors are volunteers with a passion for framing. They shine a beacon of light for our group and help guide us on our path. It is because of them we have a strong readership. I am always looking for new contributors. Contact us if you’d like to be a contributor. I contribute with my comic, “The Jagged Corner”, Jennifer Peterson with her “Step Up Your Game”, and even the mat cutting legend Brian Wolf contributes with his “Practical Mat Decoration”. Do you have any ideas or expertise that you could share with the group?


April President’s Corner

EPFG President Welcome to another president’s corner.

 Here is what’s going on with the EPFG. We’re in the process of revamping our library. Our members have free access to the library so if you're not a member, please consider becoming one. For a list of books and videos available please follow the link below.

We’ve narrowed down a possible date for the EPFG Education Fest to Sunday of Labor Day weekend starting in the afternoon and going into the evening. So far Embassy Suites in Tukwila, WA has given us the best rates. That day’s rates works best for our budget. Time is quickly passing, and we need to make a decision whether to commit to this date. What do you think of having Education Fest on September 1st? Please leave a comment below.

Awesome news. We now have a new treasurer, Kim Rene Weiser. Kim is a fellow framer and one of the most responsible ones I know. I trust that she will help us restore the EPFG.

Also more awesome news, I had a lovely conversation with David Greene who is president of Cascade Chapter PPFA. We talked about how we might be able to join forces and make our two groups better. He also extended an invitation to all EPFG members to join CC PPFA at their June 23rd meeting. This meeting will be at Framers’ Inventory, Portland, Oregon and will consist of three educational classes by Jim Miller. Please follow the link below for more detailed information on the classes.

For the low, low price of $100 you’ll be able to attend all three classes and lunch.

If any EPFG members would like to carpool to the June CCPPFA meeting please contact me or leave a comment down bellow. I’m Rami Alhakeem and you’ve just been filled in with EPFG news.

-- Rami Alhakeem

President’s Corner

We bared our souls to one another. We laid it all down on the table during our last meeting. Sheri, Jennifer, Stacia, Molly, and I were there.

If you’ve never met us, I’ll sum up who we are. We are the foolish kids who inherited the 40 year old EPFG. We are the ones who did not turn our backs on her. We are the framers who will march forward and continue the tradition of educating framers. We made small strides, we are growing up, we are maturing, we are changing, but we are by no means dying. Many have given up on us but we have not given up on you. 



I have outlined our mission for the board this year.

  • We are bringing back the Education Festival.
  • We will have other educational events besides the festival.
  • We will bring reputable instructors to teach these classes.
  • We will bring back framing competitions along with a possible Frame Shop of the Year Award and Framer of the Year Award.
  • I will personally be visiting frame shops everywhere for the purposes of recruiting and surveying. 
For your convenience we've added a calendar page and a list of events to our new site. A link to the calendar page can be found up above in the Activity menu. No events have been posted at this time but they will be added to this page in time.

I am Rami Alhakeem and I am honored to be the 2013-2014 EPFG president.

President’s Corner

The Prez Says: “Come on down to the EPFG get-together and get involved in the evolution of EPFG.”

Hello EPFG folks—

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Hey, who wants to get drunk? Come on down to the next EPFG get-together. Not exactly a meeting, but a fun way to get to-gether, eat some good food, drink some wine and spirits, and adjust our attitudes. I know mine needs an adjustment.
Really though, come to the Scotch and Vine at 22341 Marine View Dr S in Des Moines on the 25th, especially if you are one of those interested in get-ting involved in the evolution of EPFG.
(If nothing else, we can all make fun of Rami.)
Oh yeah, and Happy New Year.