Start Your Holiday Rush Preparedness Now! – President’s Corner

pirate RamiOctober is the month we normally start preparing for winter. It’s also the month frame shops everywhere should knuckle down and prepare for the onslaught of holiday rush. If you haven’t prepared your work flow yet, START NOW! The holiday season marks the beginning of last minute people with thoughtful framing ideas. It’s up to you as the framer to be the hero who performs holiday miracles.  Thanksgiving is around the corner and people need to fill those empty spots on their wall before the relative come over. Indeed, the holidays can feel like a hurricane passed through your shop.

Two steps to be ready for the holiday rush:

1. Plan your scheduling.

Don’t overextend yourself. Be realistic and figure out when your cut off point is. Mark this date and let everyone know NOW! If you’re on facebook announce this cut off date to the crowd. I can’t stress this enough. Share this information to your clientele now, either by word of mouth or by some sort of newsletter. Do this weekly, perhaps, post it every Monday. You’d be surprised how much more business this will stir up.

2. Stock up.

If you know you’ll need it and you've got the means to get it, then get it now. Your foam board, craft paper, framer’s points, glass, offsets, screws, hangers; get em now. don’t wait. Many shops don’t keep too many of specific color mats in stock, but for the holidays it’s a wise investment. I suggest keep atleast black and white mats on hand just incase. Don’t forget those stretcher bars. Also, keep lots and lots of spray paint handy. If you’ve done this long enough, you know why. Not enough time to order more black metal frame molding, just spray paint a silver stick black.

-- Rami

June President’s Corner

I can't wait to see all your beautiful faces at the PPFA Cascade Chapter meeting this Sunday, June 23rd at Framers’ Inventory Portland, Or. I'm going, and if you'd like to come along go ahead and give me an email or a phone call at the Frame Makers. Our phone number is 253-564-2320 or email me at

We didn't get enough members to RSVP their interest for our Labor Day Weekend Education Festival, so the Festival will be postponed to a date in the future.

We are now in the process of scheduling a General Meeting in Burlington, Washington at William Bounds Custom Framing and Gallery. This meeting will be either August 11th or the 18th, and once we lock in our guest speaker we’ll finalize the date. Keep a lookout for the update on this meeting.

It’s about time we had a meeting up north for our many friends there.

On a side note. Being president of the EPFG is proving to be one of the most difficult ventures I’ve ever undertaken. My responsibilities in the frame shop are enormous. My responsibilities as president is equally substantial.  The enormity of my responsibilities way heavy on my shoulders and I ask myself why I carry on. I’m reminded of an English proverb. “ A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.” Often times I carry on alone and I don’t meet my goal or it is nowhere in site. Yet, I carry on.

May President’s Corner

prezI’m Rami Alhakeem and this is another President’s Corner.

The life of a framer is a stressful one. I don't think many people know the pressures we go through. The deadlines we have to meet. The range of people we haveto deal with. The crazy unrealistic expectations they have for us.

Somebody walked into the shop and made fun of one of my client’s art. He asked me how do I feel about framing other people’s awful art. Ouch, that hurt. It cut right into me. It was as if to say there is no dignity in what I do. I'm not going to tell you how I responded. I'll save that story for a Jagged Corner comic.

I wanted to be a framer because I wanted to be an artist. I was selfish when I started framing. Artist are inherently selfish. Artist scumm.... It’s a love hate relationship.

When I’m framing I don't consider myself to be an artist. I'm a magician and I put a spell on you. I make you fall in love. Then I break your heart with the price, but then you pay it anyway because who can refuse love? I think it’s a fair trade.

I look inside you and I see what you want. I am merciful, I am giving, and I grant what your heart desires.

Artist are a dime a duzin. We pimp frames, that’s how we roll. Walk away into the sunset proud. Spread the love.


March President’s Corner


Hello and Welcome to the March episode of the EPFG President’s Framing Corner.

If you can't watch the video, the following is this month's President's Corner.

I’m Rami Alhakeem, The new president of the EPFG. I’m going to use the monthly President’s Corner as a way to inform all of you on what the board is doing each month. So here's what’s happening with the EPFG. I’ll start by recapping all of last year. Nope I think I’ll go back even further. This is what I know. Along time ago. Way, way back in the day. The EPFG started off as the MacCormick Club. It was mostly an informal club. Eventually the group got their act together and turned it into a non profit organization. The EPFG membership swelled and a tradition of educating framers was born. This tradition went on for many glorious years. Fast forward to last year. Way less frame shops in existence and way less galleries in existence. If you’re still framing for a living congratulate yourself, you’re part of dying bread. Literally. Many old school members retired, closed shops or moved on. The old EPFG board made up of passionate volunteers, had to step out sometime. A whole new board stepped up to fill those shoes.  EPFG-ad2But last year was tough. Some of us realized it was more than they could handle and had to step down. We’ll I've stepped up, Jennifer Patterson is definitely stepping up, Stacia Harvey stepped up. We believe in restoring the EPFG tradition of making better framers. We created a better newsletter with a blog format and I’m very proud of all we've accomplished with that alone. But I want more. I want to bring us all back together again. I want you to support the EPFG by being a member. I don’t care if you’re not a shop or gallery owner. If you’re a framer and you’re proud of what you do and who you are, join the EPFG. There’s honor in what you do it’s more than just a job this is a passion. That’s what our founding members felt and that’s how I feel. I really want to bring the annual education fest back and I want it in the Fall but I need your help. Membership is only $40 dollars and we need members. At the very least register with the site so you can leave a message down below. I’d love to hear what you have to say. Would you like to see the Education Festival back again? Would you go to Education Fest around September? I hope you liked the video. I think It’s a good way for you to get to know me and the EPFG a little bit better. Don’t forget to leave a comment down below this post.

Rami --