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As a sales rep and a true custom framer at heart, I enjoy seeing the creative designs and problem solving exhibited by you.  I've wanted to post a "brag column" allowing framers to show off a proud accomplishment, or myself boasting about an exceptional design I've seen.  One day as I was bragging about such a job - the framer I was with said "Wow!  I better step up my game" and a new column title was born.  A focus of this guild is education, and through the photos I will be posting monthly in this feature, I wish to get our creative juices flowing and hopefully teach an old dog a new trick or even a new pup and old trick every now and then.  I promise to always have a camera with me, plus invite you to please email me your own photos at 

Keepsake Box - by Rami Alhakeem

My first photo shows off the tiniest item I've ever seen anyone wish to frame.  I was lucky enough to be at the Tacoma Framemakers when this item came in.  It is a 2x3mm confetti heart brought in by a woman who's husband hid this among many in their home.  They think this is the last one to be found so she wanted to commemorate this loving event and memory.  Rather than incorporating the item into a wall ready frame, it was turned into a objet d' art.  A beautiful box with the heart framed within its lid.  What a lovely item surely to be cherished for the rest of their lives.  I've aways said that half of framing is problem solving.  The customers first words were "I have something which I'd like framed - but I have no idea how you are going to do it or even if you can."  Well, YES WE CAN!  
A moulding was cut upside down to create a base/ box.  An ornate cap frame with an additional frame as a liner was used for the top or lip of the box.  The same cap moulding was built into the liner backwards to create a cove for the mounted heart.  The glass went in between the cap and liner moulding.   A black suede mat was used to build up the sides of the box as well as the underside of the lid.
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