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Rami Alhakeem

Hello, fellow evergreen picture framers. I know it’s been awhile since our last president’s corner. I've been kind of sick lately, and haven't been feeling very well. I guess, I've caught some sort of bug. But deep inside, my soul has been feeling bad too.

I had high aspirations for my presidential position. I wanted to bring us back together as a community of framers by hosting another meeting. Unfortunately I haven't been able kick start anything. Every date and place we planned conflicted with too many peoples schedules. The people on the board of the EPFG are made up of all volunteers with a common interest to promote education in framing. We intend to do this any way we can within our means. We used to provide education by hosting meetings for members to attend. Though, many people want to join our group, many cannot commit to attending our meetings. It has become more clear to me that times are changing and our expectations have to be different.

Despite this there is an inherent  value to meeting in person. I am currently seeking a frame shop or gallery in the Seattle area to host a small scale meeting in March. Nothing big and fancy with bells and whistles... We just need a warm, dry place to get members together to vote on officers and do some sharing and networking. If you are in the Seattle area and are able to help, please email us at

So as I said, we want to continue promoting framing education. We mostly do this by contributions to our blog. Our contributors are volunteers with a passion for framing. They shine a beacon of light for our group and help guide us on our path. It is because of them we have a strong readership. I am always looking for new contributors. Contact us if you’d like to be a contributor. I contribute with my comic, “The Jagged Corner”, Jennifer Peterson with her “Step Up Your Game”, and even the mat cutting legend Brian Wolf contributes with his “Practical Mat Decoration”. Do you have any ideas or expertise that you could share with the group?


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