Start Your Holiday Rush Preparedness Now! – President’s Corner

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pirate RamiOctober is the month we normally start preparing for winter. It’s also the month frame shops everywhere should knuckle down and prepare for the onslaught of holiday rush. If you haven’t prepared your work flow yet, START NOW! The holiday season marks the beginning of last minute people with thoughtful framing ideas. It’s up to you as the framer to be the hero who performs holiday miracles.  Thanksgiving is around the corner and people need to fill those empty spots on their wall before the relative come over. Indeed, the holidays can feel like a hurricane passed through your shop.

Two steps to be ready for the holiday rush:

1. Plan your scheduling.

Don’t overextend yourself. Be realistic and figure out when your cut off point is. Mark this date and let everyone know NOW! If you’re on facebook announce this cut off date to the crowd. I can’t stress this enough. Share this information to your clientele now, either by word of mouth or by some sort of newsletter. Do this weekly, perhaps, post it every Monday. You’d be surprised how much more business this will stir up.

2. Stock up.

If you know you’ll need it and you've got the means to get it, then get it now. Your foam board, craft paper, framer’s points, glass, offsets, screws, hangers; get em now. don’t wait. Many shops don’t keep too many of specific color mats in stock, but for the holidays it’s a wise investment. I suggest keep atleast black and white mats on hand just incase. Don’t forget those stretcher bars. Also, keep lots and lots of spray paint handy. If you’ve done this long enough, you know why. Not enough time to order more black metal frame molding, just spray paint a silver stick black.

-- Rami

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