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Evergreen Picture Framers Guild
 has its roots in the MacCormick Club, a loose
organization of picture framers which was active in the Seattle, WA area in the 1960's and early 70's. Primarily a social club in its infancy, a number of the area framers began meeting periodically for dinner, and of course, business and framing were discussed around the table. Soon, a more formal arrangement took hold, with Officers and Board members appointed, dues collected, an informal newsletter published, and the practice of local education for the members began.

Not much else is known of these early days, however at least one of the original members still serves the framing industry in the area- Basyl Kercheval, former owner of Eastlake Galleries in Seattle, is the proud possessor of the only known membership certificate, reproduced here. Julie Coull, CPF, who currently owns Hamanns Gallery, in Bellingham, was the Secretary, along with Nancy White, The Art Doctor, who was the Treasurer in 1969 were all active in the original club. Other original members we know of were John Utti, the first President of the Club; Mr. Harris owner of Pacific Framing Supply, sold that business to Allen Juhl, and thus Juhl Pacific was born, which later became our own Larson-Juhl. Chuck Anabel was the owner of Anabel's in Everett, and another Everett gallery owner, Mr. Priebe, of Priebe Gallery , along with Don Watters, a former Seattle Police Officer in the U- District, who opened a frame shop there after he retired from police work, were all active in the group. At this time, there was no National organization dedicated to picture framers, and it is felt by some that PPFA was initially organized on the model of the MacCormick Club.

Then in the 1980's, the successor organization, Northwest Picture Framers Guild, was formed, and became a Chapter of the National PPFA in about 1984. Growth spurts and slack periods continued until the Officers and Board members decided to formalize the group, and applied to Washington for status as a Non-profit Corporation. These pioneers included Frank Larson, Alan Lamb, Paul Miller, Carolyn Norton, and Julie Coull. Thus, Evergreen Picture Framers Guild was established on February 27, 1992 as a Washington Non-profit Corporation, and Federal tax exemption as a 501(c) (6) organization was granted on July 31, 1992. There were many "movers and shakers" in these early days, several of whom remain active in the Guild; John Ferens, FerenSoft; Helen Kane, former owner of Anabel's; the Norton's-Ron, Carolyn, and Jody, who owned Frame Design Northwest; stand out among those mentioned earlier. Many others have given generously of their time, talents, and financial resources to make our organization what it has become today-a highly respected educational resource for picture framers, gallery owners, artists, and others in the Pacific Northwest. The late 90's were a turbulent time for the National PPFA organization, so EPFGchose to withdraw from that group in 1998, and we have been a separate organization since then.

All of the available newsletters  including a few from the earliest days of the organization, are archived as pdf files, and may be searched for additional information concerning the Guild.

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